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Skin Care Giveaway by Airah Syahirah

konbanwaa everyone!

Today, precisely on 6.00 pm (which is the time i am writing this post. hehe ) i would like to join this cute one giveaway from sis Airah Syahirah. Fyi, her blog is one of my top favourite skincare and beauty blog beside Kak Iman Abdulrahim hehe. I'm already ushar ushar your blog dah lama sis cuma jadi silent reader je banyak. :'

So, memandangkan sis ni nak buat skincare giveaway. Why not I join kan? Yeayy, look at her hadiah and her banner soo cute! All the cuteeeeee mask from the Althea and from The Face Shop. *ching ching* May Allah ease your path in this GA,sis!. And semoga i pun ada rezeki nak jadi lucky person tu! For those yang join jugak, goodluck everyone! 


  1. Salam perkenalan. Dari GA yg sama. Done follow :) follow back jugak okay! :D All the best!


  2. Good Luck!
    Atul pun dari GA ini

    Done Follow #212

  3. singgah sini..good luck

  4. Hai abeautybutabeast, ema singgah dari giveaway yg sama. Kalau sudi jom join GA ema, tarikh tutup 25/8/2019 LINK: ematunz.blogspot.com/2019/08/giveaway-01.html


I'm looking forward for your comment. Thanks :)